My name is Tom O'Malley and it is an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Alturas and the surrounding areas as the Superintendent of the Modoc Joint Unified School District.


Having attended Alturas Elementary School, Modoc Junior High School (now Modoc Middle School) and graduated from Modoc High School, being the Superintendent is a unique and truly humbling experience.  I have walked the same halls, played on the same playgrounds, and sat in the same classrooms as today's students. Granted, Modoc County has changed quite a bit since I was a student, but growing up in Modoc still has similar challenges and opportunities.


The goals of the District are to prepare every student for college and/or career, to continuously improve our school culture and climate, and maximize our impact on student learning.  The first goal is evidenced by the extensive development of our Career Technical Education programs, a large variety of course offerings to our high school students, and our commitment to maintain our Advanced Placement programs in addition to expanding and improving our District-wide AVID and music programs.  The District believes that while college is an option for some, it is not for all and there are a variety of opportunities in today's world that will provide students with a happy life in a job they love. The second goal can be found in our implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), social-emotional learning programs, utilization of Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) strategies, and much more.  Also, you will be hard pressed to find public school facilities maintained better than ours. For the third goal, our teaching staff spends a large amount of time on professional development, both on and off site. They continually strive to get better as they understand the better they are, the more students will learn.


Regardless of the work we as District employees do, we cannot be 100% successful without the involvement of you, the parents and community members.  I urge you to reach out to a school site you find interesting and ask how you can help. Your participation is critical to our success.


Please feel free to contact me at (530) 233-7201.  Welcome to Modoc Joint!